Syncope (실신)

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The Root of Ambulatory Care

The Root of Ambulatory Care

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KEYWORDS: ..Transient loss of consciousness, often with the loss of postural tone, Followed by spontaneous recovery. ..Near syncope은 실제로 dizziness 와 감별이 어렵다. ..Syncope primarily is associated with a cardiovascular problem, Not a neurologic disease. Without structural heart disease - Vasovagal syncope - Situational syncope : postmicturition syncope cough syncope heat syncope postprandial syncope - Carotid sinus syncope : with head rotation or pressure on carotid sinus (due to tumors, shaving, or tightcollars etc) - Orthostatic hypotension With structural heart disease - Ventricular arrhythmias VT/VF - Supraventricular arrhythmias - Bradyarrhythmias / conductive disorders ..18~60% of cases of syncope are considered idiopathic. ..Structural heart disease, ischemic heart disease 등으로 LV dysfunction이 흔한 노인환자에선 ventricular arrhythmias가 syncope의 원인이 될 수 있다. Syncope 1. What were you doing when the syncope occurred? 2. Did you actually lose consciouness (black out)? 3. Did you fall and hurt yourself? 4. How long were you out? 5. Did you lose control of your bladder or bowel? 6. Was there any seizure-like activity noted? 7. Was there any chest pain, palpitation, change in vision, or nausea before or immediately after the syncope? ..실신환자의 진단에서 문진과 이학적 검사는 매우 중요하며, 약 56~ 85%의 환자에서 실신의 원인을 추정할 수 있다. ..실신과 간질의 감별진단은 중요하며, 이 또한 문진을 통해 가능하다. May be seizure attack ▶ If confused after episodes, or loss of consciousness lasts more than 5 minutes. ▶ Typically no related to posture. ▶ Injury from falling and incontinence are common ▶ Usual sequeale : headache, drowsiness, mental confusion 1. EKG 2. Echocardiogram 3. Stress test : indicated in syncopal patients whose history and risk factors suggest ischemic heart disease. 4. Holter monitoring 5. EP study 6. Upright tilt testing Cardiac syncope의 1year mortality는 20~30%로 다른 원인에 의한 1year mortality 6%에 비해 매우 높으며, 따라서 검사는 cardiac과 noncardiac causes를 감별하는데 주안점을 두어야 한다. 37 The Root of ambulatory care Key questions Key test Key treatments Syncope ..문진 및 이학적 검사에서 실신의 원인이 심장의 문제가 아니라는 확신이 있 는 경우를 제외하고는 EKG 검사는 필수이며, 특히 부정맥이 의심되는 환자 에서는 1분간의 연속적인 심전도 검사가 필요하다. ▶ Upright tilt test - 60~80。head tilt 상태에서 30~60분 정도 지나면 vasovagal syncope 이 유발되며, provocative agents (Isoproterenol or nitroglycerine)를 사용할 수 있지만, 이 경 우 거의 모든 환자에서 positive response가 유도되므로 검사의 정확도는 30~80% 정도로 알려져 있다. - Vasovagal, Situational, or Carotid sinus hypersensitivity syncope 1. Avoid situations that may trigger fainting : hot,crowed rooms or prolonged standing 2. Avoid stressful events that predispose to fainting : venipuncture in the upright position,exposure to blood, pain, fear, or highly emotional settings. 3. Avoid dehydration : ensure adequate fluid and salt intake with proper attire (possibly compression hose), and provide ventilation, especially during exercise. 4. Minimize situations that trigger syncope : coughing excessively or wearing tight collars 5. Be aware of warning signs : feeling nauseated, sweaty, dizzy, or light-headed, and sit or lie down to prevent loss of consciousness 6. Tenormin.. 50mg 1/2T-4T/d 7. Florinef.. 1T-10T/d 39 The Root of ambulatory care ..Tenormin.. -Atenolol ..Florinef.. -fludrocortisone acetate - Orthostatic hypotension 1. 침대나 의자에서 일어날 때 최대한 천천히 일어난다. 2. 염분의 섭취를 늘리고, 가능한 혈관확장제나 이뇨제는 피한다. 3. 취침 시 머리를 높게 한다. 4. Florinef.. 1T-10T/d ..Florinef.. - fludrocortisone acetate - VT/VF 1. Treat/remove underlying Ischemic heart diease if possible 2. Trerat metabolic abnormalities 3. Consider AICD ..AICD - automatic implantable cardiodefibrillator Key treatments Key treatments 참고 문헌 Ward M. Brown : Syncope, in Saunders Manual of Medical Practice, 2nd ed, Robert E. Rakel(ed). Philadelphia, Saunders, 2000, P 275-278 김철환 : 실신, in 가정의학 임상편. 서울, 계측문화사, 2002, P 605-610 Dennis P. Lewis, M.D., Brian H. Halstater, M.D., Felix Horng, M.D., MBA. : Syncope, in A Lange clinical manual Family Medicine Ambulatory Care & Prevention, 4th ed, Mark B. Mengel, M.D., L. Peter Schwiebert M.D. (ed). United States of America, The McGrwa-Hill Companies, Inc., 2005, P 359-364 성균관대학교의과대학 삼성서울병원내과 : Syncope. in Handbook of Internal Medicine, 2nd ed. 서울, 군 자출판사, 2004, P 267-269