KMLE 의학 검색 엔진

Original text:

p. 121 Entry of air into the pleural cavity (pneumothorax), resulting from a penetrating wound of the parietal pleura from a bullet, for example, or from rupture of a pulmonary lesion into the pleural cavity (bronchopulmonary fistula), results in collapse of the lung.

p. 128 The fibrous pericardium is:
• Continuous superiorly with the tunica adventitia (perivascular connective tissue) of the great vessels entering and leaving the heart and with the pretracheal layer of deep cervical fascia.

There are no phrases that could be translated as "국방부 직할부대 및" so probably it is added by mistake during the editorial process rather than during the translation. I think it is good to ignore it. It is even better to use the original text rather than the translated text.