KMLE 의학 검색 엔진

Don't worry. It is not only you but all medical students in the world who will have a similar feeling.

1. Knowing all the diagnoses by looking at the histologic picture is not a reasonable goal while you're a medical student. It is more for pathology residents or pathologists. It is only possible after you see a LOT of similar cases, similar-looking but different cases, and extract out the common and different findings, which are unrealistic for medical students.

2. When a picture is tested, the question usually gives you more information including the patient’s history, imaging findings, laboratory tests, and additional molecular tests (which many of the time is a critical hint). It is unfair to medical students to have them diagnose a disease with only a single histology picture. When a question asks you about only a single histology picture, the picture should be very obvious and quite specific, and frequently, it is called with a specific buzzword. (e.g., “fried-egg” appearance in oligodendroglioma, “cheese-like” or caseating granuloma in tuberculosis, “chicken-wire” appearance in myxoid liposarcoma)